How to Join Theta Chi

At Theta Chi, we believe in extending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. This is the motto we take in recruiting. Potential new members are invited to recruiting events where they can meet the members of the chapter. If the chapter wants someone as a member, a bid will be extended. Once receiving a bid the potential new member can sign and join Theta Chi.


Top 5 Reasons to Join Theta Chi

1. Brotherhood

Being a part of Theta Chi is having a whole new family at school. As Theta Chi we like to get together as a whole chapter and do different events, we stay away from small cliques inside the chapter.

2. Connectivity

Having older brothers and alumni of Theta chi there's multiple opportunities to have connections for job placement due to older brothers Co-Op and multiple connections alumni might have.

3. Academic support

Theta Chi is always by your side but one strong suit it has is academics. We reached a chapter GPA at 3.1 this semester. We have multiple different majors inside the chapter and are always available to help each other within each class or teacher assigned.

4. Social Calendar

Being part of a fraternity will leave you with some of the best memories in College. At Theta Chi, we strive to have our social calendar full every month; whether that be Philanthropy events or socials with Sororities. We as a fraternity want to accomplish a ton but also see valuing in having fun and enjoying the good times.

5. Athletics

Theta Chi takes pride in having some of the best intramural sports teams in Greek Life. The past couple of years we have found ourselves competing for championships in sports ranging from flag football to softball.